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Today it is a rela pleasure to announce that Omica Farm successfully passed two selections for a scale up in China. It is with more pride to tell you that we have been the only start-up in the Agri-tech field for precision farming services.

What are we talking about specifically?

The initiative, which you can find at the bottom of the post, concerns a competition between high-tech startups in Italy to develop synergies between the start-up ecosystems in Asia and Europe. The next selection will decide the top three winners, who will in turn be supported in the development of technological solutions to be presented in their relative markets.

There is another reason why we are proud of this selection, and it has to do with our mission.

We are very sensitive to the issues of global sustainable development and, concerning this, we strongly believe that precision farming represents a unique opportunity in the field of the agricolture and food. This opportunity will transform in “mandatory” if the growth rates will not stop.

The introduction of precision agriculture services in China would allow to optimize and save water and energy for an unimaginable amount with obvious worldwide impacts. This is a topic that will address all of us closely, including pollution issues, as well as the recent controversy over the United States to come out of the Paris agreement on the environment.

We just have to wait for the next board decision of ISIC2017.
Lets’ start thinking big!

For now, thanks for your attention and fingers crossed!

By OmicaFarm

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