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In the field of digital agriculture, a special role is played by satellite data. An interesting fact is the number of satellites currently running around our planet. There are over 14,000 objects dedicated to the most diverse tasks, ranging from telecommunications to weather forecasts and more.

Of course, we are interested in considering satellites that can be used in the service of digital agriculture.
In particular, we are interested in the ability of these systems to periodically create a mapping of the characteristics of agricultural fields and crops. Indeed, thanks to the ability to update existing satellites and to digitize their maps, any farmer can get precision details at really affordable costs.

Some examples?

Vegetation indices represent a measure of how much healthy a plant is growing. If this information were associated with each point of a crop and recorded in a timeline it could make many things understand on each plant.

This process, which in technical terms we call Georeferentiation time, allows for constant control that to be done by the operator  every single day would have high costs in terms of labor, time, fuel, machinery and so on.


Another important aspect is the precise irrigation that can be achieved. A satellite image of the agricultural field can tell us what are the areas of suffering and therefore to irrigate more (or less) with all the consequences we can imagine on reducing irrigation costs and the quality of the agricultural product.

The same argument applies to the fertilization system with cost implications and quality assurance for BIO certifications. It is our intention in the near future to dedicate specific posts to the benefits of these costs.

By digitizing the agricultural field and observing in multiband, one can monitor the state of health of the plant and with the numerical historical series associated with the field provide proper documentation of its activity in the case of sale of its agricultural activity.

As mentioned above we will deepen all these points in the posts to follow .. You just have to keep reading!
Thanks for your attention.

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