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Sense for Precision Agriculture

One the key-words of the Precision Farming is Sense. Our service Sense for Precision Agriculture allows farmers to measure in real time the most important agro-environmental parameters helping to promptly take the best decisions.

Sense for Precision Agriculture provides Smart Boards, powered by solar panels, equipped with built-in GPS and data transmission system. They are small sized, does not require any experience in the installation and, once deployed and switched-on, transmit data that can be viewed on our platform. OMICAFARM allows you to monitor the following parameters:

  • Temperature, humidity, and atmospheric pressure
  • Rain
  • Wind direction and intensity
  • Soil moisture at different depths
  • Leaf wetness
  • Soil Temperature
  • Solar radiation
  • Ultraviolet Radiation


All the Smart Boards are independent and can be moved from one field to another according to your needs. They can be used for all types of crops.

These are three examples of available units:

  • AGRO-BASIC: The ideal board for monitoring the local environmental conditions: temperature, humidity, and atmospheric pressure and soil moisture up to 3 depth
  • AGRO-WEATHER: The ideal board to keep under control the meteorological conditions in addition to the monitoring of soil moisture at different depths and leaf wetness
  • AGRO-SUN: The Smart Board which allows to measure even the sunlight or ultraviolet radiation. In addition to the AGRO-WEATHER station, it allows you to evaluate parameters such as the evapotranspiration. This quantity is essential to define the best irrigation policy. Moreover, all of the information can help farmers and agronomists to improve the estimation models of photosynthesis and vegetative growth of your crop.

Upon your request, we can customize our Smart Boards to meetyour specific needs.