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Services for Precision Agriculture

OMICAFARM is a technology platform that offers following services for Precision Agriculture:

  • Plan: using satellite imageries, also available for the past years, you can optimize your crops with pre-sowing and post-harvest analysis
  • Sense: thanks to its Smart Boards, OMICAFARM allows you to keep under control the most important agro-environmental parameters
  • Observe: satellite monitoring allows to remotely control every point of your field.
  • Sense & Observe: integrate all the technologies to have a more complete view of your field.


All OMICAFARM services for Precision Agriculture are available through a web platform through which the user can check his crops at all times.

Our services help you to improve crop yield, reduce the use of water and fertilizers, and increase the productivity of the farm and its environmental sustainability.

Service Features

  • Modularity: OMICAFARM is a modular solution. You can choose to use all the services or only a partial combination of them in order to contain costs on the basis of your specific needs.
  • Flexibility: you can choose which sensors to install. The experience of the OMICAFARM technical staff is made available to identify the best solution for your specific needs.
  • Scalability: it is a solution for small and large farms. Remote and local monitoring can be extended at any time with no surface limitations.
  • Integrability: The system can be integrated with other databases or web services already in place.

OMICAFARM is accessible from mobile devices and Personal Computer offering the following advantages:

  • improve efficiency of the irrigation system. Through the analysis of satellite images and the Smart Boards, OMICAFARM keeps under control the real needs of crops generating more than 20% savings.
  • Reduce energy costs for irrigation up to 20%
  • Rationalize usage of fertilization and plant protection products with cost reduction up to 20%.
  • Increase crop yield of even over 10%
  • Increase final product quality
  • Reduce the risk for pest and diseases
  • Increase environmental sustainability

OMICAFARM supports farmers to produce more with less.